I would first off like to say Thank You for helping us out.  We (my wife and I) had our wills done by Asim and I have to say he was great.  He ensured every detail that we wanted was in the will as well as giving us more things to include that we didn’t know to think about.  Asim ensured we were comfortable with all the wording’s and didn’t rush us to finalize things.  We were very appreciative for his knowledge and understanding to ensure our needs were met.  Would definitely recommend him to friends and family.  Great job!


Mr. Asim Mehdi Khan has consistently shown diligent professionalism and courtesy throughout my entire experience with him since September 2011. He has guided me through my separation and divorce with thorough knowledge of his field, and he provided me with excellent advice. At every step, he fully explained the process and was forthright in explaining the best course of action. With his expertise, my best interests (and those of my children) were always protected, and his highly personal approach was comforting and encouraging during a difficult process. I highly recommend Mr. Khan for any Family Law matter that needs conscientious care and attention.

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