—Khamile Hayles

Joanne (who was my lawyer) was amazing. From start to finish Joanne was helpful and patient with me the entire time. Not only did we get the outcome I had hoped for but she also got it done it what felt like no time at all. I’II definately be recommending Mehdi Au LLP!! Thank you again!

—D. Horne

I would like to say that having Asim Khan working on my behalf for securing and closing my second mortgage made a difficult process all that much more easy.

Despite the many obstacles thrown our way during the process, Mr. Khan remain completely professional and worked above and beyond what was required of him, and all at a very reasonable cost.

I would recommend Mr. Khan to anyone, and will certainly choose him again for any legal work or advice that may come my way in the future.

—J. Blay

I am so happy to have found Asim to assist with my Asim to assist with my husband’s immigration application. Asim’s understanding of the nuances any and complexities of the immigration application process, together with painstaking attention to detail, ensured a smooth and fast acceptance (8 months for spousal immigration from UK). Thanks Asim, could not have done it without you!

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