—J. Blay

Asim, I am grateful to you for securing a better future for myself and my child, through your legal expertise negotiating skills. I arrived at your of ce in crisis when my marriage was over. You provided clear legal info guidance, and effectively negotiated for myself and my daughter. With care and compassion you eased a dif and skillfully ensured the best possible outcomes. Thank you.

—Austin C.

I contacted Asim a few months ago to discuss the purchase of our new home as well as the sale of our old home.  From our first moments, Asim treated my wife and I as family taking the necessary time to explain all the details (no matter how big or small) with regards to all the legal aspects and things we need to be aware of up until the close.  He answered all our questions thoroughly and was always prompt with his responses.  My wife and I are extremely happy with the professional service he provided and would definitely recommend him and his firm.  Thank you Asim.


Asim Mehdi Khan, is a trusted friend and Lawyer I have worked with on several occasions over the last 10 years. He has the respect of his pears and clients as a trusted professional businessman and lawyer. His values for family, faith and business are paramount to his values, personality and business practises. I appreciate his friendship and wisdom as a friend and client. His love of sports and community service is a personality of caring for the wellbeing of others. I respect this aspect of Asim’s personality makeup. A friend that I appreciate.

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