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MEHDI AU LLP has a designated team that deals with Personal Injury cases. We focus mainly on Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) and Slip & Fall injuries. As these cases usually involve vulnerable people who are injured and are going against the insurance behemoths, they are at a disadvantage and we recognise the imbalance and provide superior representation to close this gap.

These cases should be reported immediately to your insurance company and Legal Counsel should be hired from the onset as people are usually naive to believe that their insurance companies are on their side. These matters become even more complicated in a slip & fall case when the accident occurs on a municipal property because the deadline to send Notice is very short and counsel should be retained immediately.

Most often in an MVA case a client who is not at fault has 2 parts to their case Accident Benefits (AB) which they apply from their own insurer and Tort which are damages that they seek from the at fault driver. These matters usually take time; hence patience, treatment and good legal representation is key to getting the clients back on their feet.

Our experienced personal injury team will guide you through this process and get you the compensation you deserve, and we do not get paid unless we get you compensation.

Please get in touch with our office for a 30-minute free case assessment with one of our experienced Personal Injury Lawyers.

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