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Entering into a Family Matter can be the most traumatic and life altering exercise one will undertake during their lifetime. Often times this involves the breakdown of a family relationship, one which will be emotionally charged, and financially intertwined. It is important that you are provided sound and prompt legal advice in such matters. Our experienced family lawyers are here to listen to your concerns and work towards your goals within the framework of the legal system. We tailor our approach to fit your priorities and treat your matter with the utmost importance.

Our lawyers have over 15 years of practice in the family law field, attending courts throughout the province, and handling cases from simple divorces to complex trials. We value our clients resources and as such take an approach of looking at what the core needs are of the client in each and every case. This allows our lawyers to see if we can tackle the matter through a settlement approach in which we look to working with the other party in bridging the gap, to tackling the matter through a litigation approach where there are serious safety or depletion of asset concerns or a hybrid of the two approaches. We understand that the family law arena can be a complex maze filled with emotions and complex financial hurdles, as such we are committed to dedicating our expertise to a quick and fair resolution which achieves your goals.

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