Why Choose MehdiAu?

Asim is the managing partner and one of the founding members of Mehdi Au LLP. Throughout Asim’s over 10 years in practice, he has observed two very disturbing themes that have existed in the vast majority of law firms. The first being that of clients effectively becoming regarded as simple file numbers and thus an entry on a balance sheet. The creation of this firm seeks to change this trend and treat clients as more than just a file by appreciating and understanding their core goals in whatever legal matter they bring to our attention. The second disturbing issue that has become evident was the lack of representation by many firms for the diverse community that is Toronto, as such Mehdi Au LLP seeks to be a truly representative firm, with the firm able to speak a multitude of languages from English, French, Hindi, Urdu, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, etc. We are ever expanding in our diversity and bringing on more languages and more representation.


Our client focused team makes sure that our clients are able to get help in various areas of Law.


In the event of any civil litigation, MEHDI AU LLP has the trial experience and expertise to defend or plead a full gamut of civil and commercial tort...


Entering into a Family Matter can be the most traumatic and life altering exercise one will undertake during their lifetime. Often times this involves...


MEHDI AU LLP has a designated team that deals with Personal Injury cases. We focus mainly on Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) and Slip & Fall injurie...


WILLS AND ESTATE LAW We work all of our lives to build a life for our family and loved ones through our hard work. One of the most important invest...

Entering into a Family Matter can be the most traumatic and life altering exercise one will undertake during their lifetime. Often times this involves the breakdown of a family relationship, one which will be emotionally charged, and financially intertwined. It is important that you are provided sound and prompt legal advice in such matters. Our experienced family lawyers are here to listen to your concerns and work towards your goals within the framework of the legal system. We tailor our approach to fit your priorities and treat your matter with the utmost importance.

Our services in Family Law include but are not limited to:


Many clients seek out lawyers to procure a divorce due to the breakdown in a relationship. In order to procure a divorce, you must meet one of the three justifications for a divorce order to be granted. The first method is due to the breakdown in relations between the parties, the second is due to adultery being committed by one of the parties, and lastly due to cruelty.

  • Spousal Support
  • Property Division Matters
  • Separation Date
  • Separation Agreement
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Marriage Contracts


Many clients come into the family law process not understanding the difference between custody and access, often times the thought process is both these terms are one and the same. This cannot be further from the truth.

Child Custody is most simplistically understood as decision making powers for the child. Here we determine who the child will primarily reside with. As such who will make the decisions for the child and whether or not these decisions will be made unilaterally or jointly. Naturally the decisions made here will not only affect the parents it can have a lasting effect on the children, as such we ensure that significant time is spent with the clients in determining the best course of action and appropriate language is employed in dealing custody matters.