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In the event of any civil litigation, MEHDI AU LLP has the trial experience and expertise to defend or plead a full gamut of civil and commercial torts and liabilities. Business, Professional and Individual reputational interests are front and centre as we strive to find a quick and cost-effective resolution and, if necessary, mount a tireless and effective defence at trial or in the case of plaintiffs a well thought out and complete strategy to run the trial effectively and efficietly while striving to get the best possible awards for our clients.

Civil Litigation is a dense field and encompasses a wide array of matters, some examples of cases that we deal with routinely are Fraud, Breach of Contract, Debt Collection, Defamation, Employment related matters, Class Actions, Small Claims, Human Rights matters, Civil disputes and many more.

The process of Civil Litigation is littered with complexities which the normal public is unaware of including pleading timelines, limitations, Discovery Plans, Mediation, Examination for Discovery, Motions and Trial.

At MEHDI AU LLP our experienced litigation team with walk you through the anatomy of your case and follow your instructions to achieve the best possible result for you. Please contact our office to set up a 30-minute free consultation to evaluate your case with an experienced lawyer.

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